Building Construction

The present state of building construction is very complex, as such There is a wide range of building products and systems which are aimed primarily at groups of building types and market.

Hafshelline’s design process for buildings is highly organized and draws upon research establishments that study material properties and performance, code officials who adopt and enforce safety standards, and design professionals who determine user needs to design a building that meet those needs.

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Shot of a group of builders assessing progress at a construction site

Our construction team process is also highly organized; it includes the manufacturers of building products and systems, the craftsmen who assemble them on the building site, the contractors who employ and coordinate the work of the craftsmen, and consultants who specialize in such aspects as construction management, quality control, and insurance.

Our Services:

From initial lot development to the final landscaping and everything in between, we work hand-in-hand with our team of experts to keep you informed while offering efficient and professional guidance throughout the custom process.


Finding Your Lot (Or Ours)

Whether it’s your land or ours, there are many details to consider before making a final decision on the location of your dream building. You can determine what your new commute looks like, how close you are to a neighborhood that’s nature-focused or something with city convenience. We’ll offer expert guidance and review the possibility of building on your potential building site.

Stages of Building

Decide On A Building Plan

Now it’s time to find a layout that best suits your lot, budget, and lifestyle. Explore our portfolio of standard, expandable building designs which can be personalized to fit your needs, or you can choose a completely custom building from the ground up. You may bring a plan to us or we will work with our talented team of architects to create the perfect construction for you, offering a distinct and timeless appeal.


We’ll create a custom “Lot Construction Budget” estimate that covers the land development of your project including the fees. From there, the Construction Budget (comprised of the “Base Construction ”) along with larger optional features and allowances for future options/selections will be added, resulting in an overall estimate for what your project will cost. Additionally, your requests for any non-standard options will be submitted to our estimating department for feasibility and pricing. Once approved, a contract will be presented for your agreement and signature.


Make Selections

Explore our impressive list of stunning building specifications from our onsite Selection Center. Your Design Coordinator will help you make selections from our pre-priced options or will coordinate appointments through our vendors for those selections calling for a more customized approach.


Before we break ground, you’ll meet with our team to review your custom construction drawings and all options as well as color and finish selections made for your future home! We’ll provide an estimated timeline of the building process and make sure all your questions are answered so you know exactly what to expect.



Your Project Manager will be your point of contact throughout the process. Their dedication to every aspect of the building process allows them to monitor the progress and deliver important updates to you in a timely manner.

Explore Your New Home

Before going to settlement, you and your Project Manager will have the opportunity to walk through your new building ! This is to orient you to your newly constructed space, ensure that all is operating properly and the quality features are to your satisfaction.

construction completed

The journey to building a custom house design means great excitement and many questions. Our reputation for successfully navigating every facet of this industry, while overcoming any obstacle thrown our way means we’ll always be here to help you find the answers. We know that years of experience comes with a certain expectation, and we’re proud to say our customers rave about the worry-free experience we’ve created.