Design and Technology


As a key player in the Construction building industry in Nigeria and the world at large, and As a brand that stands out with its pioneering design identity, Hafshelline adopts an environment-friendly approach and respects nature.

At Hafshelline, We do not completely leave out grand historical narratives, rather, We infuse our contemporary styling to communicate the central movements in bits spaces that depends on our client’s interest, while presenting some of the most influential architectural styles that will make history.

Hafshelline, which comes to mind in terms of ” relating to the Contemporary art and practice of designing and constructing Buildings ” with its Styling , Hospitality, Wellness Lifestyle and bathing tradition, by blending the wide mosaic of Anatolian civilizations and rich cultures has the ability of designing the Floor and Wall Tiles used in various spaces as well as Ceramic Sanitary Ware and producing them with the pioneering technology thereof internationally for the Nigeria market. Hafshelline is one of Nigeria ‘s leading organizations with the international collaboration received thereby. Hafshelline applies its experience and professionalism with the values acquired from contemporary Design Styling and ceramic culture in different spaces from exterior to garden, from balcony to pool in addition to baths and kitchen with the special Building Construction designs thereof.


We have grown to become a global brand, currently in partnership with countries exporting 35 percent of their production to nearly 70 countries on six continents. With award-winning designs and a range of more than 100 product lines, these companies have an annual production capacity exceeding 40 million square meters. Their manufacturing sites and certification, confirming that production meets Nigeria standards. Hafshelline has also established an Integrated Management System working with these companies and has furthermore received Authorized Economic Operator designation as part of the regulation on facilitating customs procedures. Hafshelline therefore, is in collaboration with international companies utilizing state-of-the-art production technologies, whom were the first to use digital technology to produce wall tiles and 20mm technical porcelain tiles.


Hafshelline team’s psychology of Understanding color Stands them out !!

“People decide whether or not they like a product in 90 seconds or less. 90% of that decision is based solely on color”.

We Style and construct Designs that are aesthetically pleasing indeed.